How to Change Cash App Pin? (Complete Guide)

If you are a new user of Cash App, then you must have found out that Cash App is an easy-to-use cash transfer app and this app is created by Square, which is one of the best payment processing services companies in the world. If you are looking for information on how to change Cash App Pin then here you can get the right information on how to do that. Then this guide is for you. It will teach you how to change the Cash App pin and how to update the Cash App password.

There are many things to consider when you opt for a Cash app. You need to be aware of fees and restrictions, pins, passcode, etc.

Cash App Pin and Cash App Password are important details that are needed for operating the App. We might forget it once in a while but the best solution is to change Cash App Pin or password, My Cash app is always at hand to help you all the way.

What is a Cash App Pin?

We are going to explain how to change the pin of your Cash App and also how to change the cash app password. This is very important if you want to remain safe while doing different transactions. The main thing you need to know that is, Cash App and Cash Card both pins are the same. They are not different.

Introduced in 2017, the Cash App pin is a way for you to protect your account from unauthorized access. By adding this extra layer of protection to your Cash App account, you can rest easy knowing that no one else can use your account in your absence. 

The Cash app PIN helps you to keep you extra protected when making transactions and other changes to your account.

A cash app pin code is entered in the mobile app for verifying identity and also for enabling security. if you have a gift card or other code, you will require entering the same pin in your mobile app. This is why people are saying that it is one of the best and safest alternatives to Debit/Credit Cards. 

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Cash App Card PIN Number?

Cash App Card PIN Number: Your Cash App Card PIN Number is a 4-6 digit code that is unique to every cardholder’s Cash card. The number is used to authorize purchases made online or on the Cash App, like the Cash App Card is a prepaid debit card you can use to pay your friends, share bills, and shop. 

If you are having trouble locating your number, please note that some card issuers require account holders to set up a personal identification number in the ‘User Settings’ section of the app. If you have not completed the verification.

Nowadays, when we hear about safety in terms of digital data and information, our thoughts automatically shift towards having a password protected on all accounts. Cell phones are one of the primary devices which come up with such solid security but still, you should be aware of your Cash App PIN and protect it in the right way. 

Activate the Security Lock on Cash App Account:

You have just started your journey with the popular app, CASH App, and are enjoying the many benefits of this mobile application for your transactions and payments. But, unfortunately, some scammers use this app to steal money from your account.

A security lock is an important feature for protecting cash app accounts. When the security lock is on, you must enter your PIN to send money with Cash App. Without entering your PIN number, any cash transfer or buy/sell transaction will return an error message to inform you that you have activated the security lock on your account. As soon as you sign up, the Cash App automatically generates a Cash Card and PIN. The PIN is a 4-digit security code that allows you to transfer money to your friends.

  • First, Open the Cash App on your mobile device.
  • Now the home screen will appear on your mobile.
  • Tap on the profile pic icon/profile pic.
  • Select the setting—>>>privacy & security
  • Now switch on the security button and it will be activated on your app.
  • It will indicate activation with the green color.
  • You’re done.

Change Cash App PIN Number:

You might have got the new cash app or you are using the same and want to change your pin number i.e you want to reset your cash app pin number, then this article will discuss the process of changing your Cash App PIN number and provide step-by-step instructions.

  • First, you need to open the cash app.
  • Press the profile icon at the top right corner of the screen.
  • Now click on the setting and then the privacy and security option.
  • You will see the options mentioned called “Change Cash Pin”.
  • Enter your new pin and then enter again to confirm your pin number.
  • When you complete the process, an email or SMS will receive the moment.
  • The message will be, that your cash app pin has been changed.

Everybody knows that when an application or program is installed on the device, it is necessary to create a password or an access key. This little item forms your personal protection and guarantees the safety of your files and data. It is also used as a protection against unauthorized access, i.e., hackers stealing your files. So you should always set pin security with any app.

Reset the Cash App PIN:

Have you ever been unable to log into your Cash App account and wondered how to reset the Cash App PIN?  Or maybe you’ve forgotten your Cash App PIN and are wondering how to reset it. Either way will explain common situations when you can reset the Cash App PIN. The cash app is an excellent platform to load your money and send it to your friend’s account.

  • If you have given access to someone for a while. Then you can change the Code so that the other person cannot use it again.
  • You are unable to remember the PIN that you had set for the Cash App. In such a situation, you will be needing to reset it.
  • If you have the issue of an incorrect Cash App PIN then at that time you should reset your Cash App PIN.
  • According to experts, it is ideal to change Cash App Pin every 4-6 months. However, there can be numerous reasons for resetting the Cash App PIN. All said and done, changing the Cash App PIN regularly is a must.


Now that you see how easy it is to change the Cash App pin, you can choose a pin number you know will not be easy for someone else to guess. This feature is an extra security precaution that only you should be able to use, but it could save you thousands of dollars if the wrong person gains control over your account. Stay safe and have fun with your Cash App.

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