How to Stop the 28581 Cash App Texts? (Complete Guide)

When you change something in your account you will be asked for this code word. If you don’t know then the 28581 Cash App is a verification code number used by Square Cash to keep its users up to date. Also to verify that the user is attempting to make changes to their account. Whoever is entering the correct code word will not be able to make changes to your account and will have to receive the code from Square Cash support.

Did you get multiple spam texts from a phone number, claiming that your number is my “sign-in code”, and that by entering you agree to terms? You’re not alone.

Those spam texts have been sent out to numerous wireless numbers across the U.S., cash app users or noncash app users.

Is the Right Cash App Number 28581?

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Yes, 28581 is the correct cash app mobile number to send a verification SMS and is the message you get once you get signed in.

The correct Cash App shortcode is 28581. This shortcode is registered to Square Cash and was last updated on October 28th, 2019.

Why Did you Receive Text Messages From 28581?

We may send you an SMS to help you with new features in the upcoming update. We may also want to notify you of current promotions, password changes, and other sensitive information from your accounts.

If you receive the message without you doing anything, such as trying to log in to your account or changing anything into your account, be careful.

Cash App will only send you a text message from 28581, if there will be any activity in your account or if there are any relevant updates to the service like transaction limits changing.

If you do receive the text without any activity you are aware of from your account, there may be a phone number that is being used to send out unsolicited texts.

If you received unwanted texts or calls from 28581, let us know. Contact to support team they will update you.

How to Stop Text Message from 28581 Cash App?

If you have been receiving unwanted text messages from 28581, you can contact the support by texting “HELP” and sending it to the number 28581. You can directly stop receiving messages from 28581 by texting “STOP” to 28581. After you send “STOP” to 28581, you will no longer receive the messages.

The “STOP”, “QUIT”, “CANCEL”, and “UNSUBSCRIBE” keywords in a text message sent from 28581 will remove users from the campaign that is sending them messages. 

Is It Scam number “28581”?

No, 28581 is not a scam number. It is a cash app verification SMS number. Many people have been receiving text messages from this number in the recent past with fraudulent threats. However, this is not right.

The truth behind 28581 is that it is used to verify the cash app application and to give you the latest update or any kind of activity related to your account.

The number itself is not a scam number but can be used and hijacked for a scam. Also, there are many scams like Cash app money flip and Circle scheme. In such a case, it is recommended to contact the Cash App support any time of the day or night.


For those Cash App customers who were, like me, being spammed by the same 28581 number, thankfully there is a way to stop this.

We hope these tips helped you figure out how to stop the 28581 Cash App texts from ruining your day. The system works, it’s great that there’s a company out there so eager to get more people using their app, but hopefully, now you can enjoy your day without getting text messages about their services.

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